Culture of Ceramics

Foshan Shiwan

Foshan Shiwan – an famous millennium history town, talents and beautiful scenery everywhere, honest folk community, ceramics craft here already has a long history, ceramics craft skill from generation to generation. Masters at all levels inherit and carry forward their tradition craft skill, at the same time injected it together with new modern Art, dedicated to the world with many kinds of art that’s why it become world-renowned.

Doll of Shiwan

It has a long history, people, animals and birds, flowers, mountain and utensils, and so on. Ceramic figures famous because of its vivid, imaginative and humorous, subtle; animal pottery express the delicate craft technique, like lovely and lively; flowers pottery life like indeed, hard to distinguish real or fake; mountain look so exquisite, lifelike, can’t believe that’s craft by human hand; pottery utensils have ancient type and modern type, calligraphy, painting, carving and ceramics art mix together, give full play of the old culture’s essence. Doll of Shiwan has wonderful mixing color, that’s why Shiwan known as the southern ceramics city.

Jindezhen in Jiangxi

This famous town has millennium porcelain history, for thousands of years of dedication to the world of their fun and elegant, unique style, absolutely exquisite ceramic art that make them famous in the world, and known as “Ceramics City of China”.Porcelain is play an important role in Jingdezhen. That rich culture, with long-term continuing kiln fire, created this splendid ceramics culture. Sculpture, Bo Tai, green flower wave, colorful porcelain dish is the four main categories of Jindezhen ceramics series. Highly dynamic, delicate depiction vivid physical, profound connotation, this is the unique charming art style of Jingdezhen ceramic.

Jiangsu Yixing

Jiangsu Yixing, located in Taihu Lake, known as [Oriental Pearl]. Ancient purple teapot, dignified pottery, elegant green porcelain, the beauty of pottery is recognized by all people. Among the crafts, purple teapot is the most famous. It is useful and artistic, and a variety of special shapes, fine works, reflect the personality, forge ahead into the hall of tea art for Chinese nation, become the pearl of the millennium ceramics cultural. For thousands of years, it breeds a lot of literati, pottery master, at all levels of the master's works, which now become favorites of all antique collectors.

Fujian Dehua

Fujian Dehua, it is one of the three China biggest ceramics city, ceramic art here has a long history, profound accumulation. Porcelain kiln of Dehua is the carrier of Dehua culture, formed in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Green vase, green white vase, green shadow vase, black vitreous enamel and white vase that known as "China White" has long been famous in the world, green flower vase and colorful vase entered the heyday when Ming and Qing Dynasties. Since reform, ceramics art of Dehua display great vitality and now become China's Western technology porcelain production and export base.

Pan-Fen Lin

Pan-Fen Lin (born at October 1965) people of Guangdong Shunde, infatuation at Danqing when early age, when his secondary school, receive enlightenment from his teachers Gong Sui Zhi, he frequently went to the studio to practice Chinese painting, he like to research for the antique painting and Calligraphy, in 1986, he admitted to the Beijing white stone Art Institute, he used the spare time for hard training, after two years, he graduated from the Academy of Chinese painting, carving, and calligraphy, in 1988 his artistic production name “snow plum” get the excellence awards at Foshan, in 1990, his artistic production call “search” get the chosen into Foshan 10th Hundred Flowers award of art, and Calligraphy exhibition, in 1992, one of his art works call "Golden Age" chosen by Foshan 11th Hundred Flowers award of art, and get the first prize. Now he is research member of Beijing Qibai stone art society, and also member of Foshan City Artists Association.

Pan-Fen Lin join the Shiwan pottery making in 1996, and he did not follow the traditional concept art style, but his personal characteristics and creative for his art, many of his works related with the theme about insects, his rich expression, which led to the attention of many collectors, that’s why he known as “king of insects."

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture has a deep and splendid culture that describes the Chinese nation. It is always the favorite collection of all collectors. Nowadays, people get the improvement of their standard of living, place some antique in their house had become a fashion. Furniture with Nationalization, emitting endless artistic charm. Whether a chair or a table will be marked with a symbol of the times, make the fashion and romantic new house fill nostalgia color.

Antique furniture, keep the furniture style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, standard size, not to boast about, not the more ceremony, beautiful rectangle with faint circular shape inside, natural, beautiful, hard mixing with soft, and its beautiful line shape. There are some of the furniture carved with vivid Chinese fable story modeling, such as: "Shou", word in Chinese meaning good fortune and longevity, "bat-liked designs" on behalf of the good fortune to bring good luck.

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