Hyaku Sdn. Bhd.

Hyaku Sdn. Bhd., located in Ipoh, Malaysia. Venture in 2002. We are specific in operate the manual art of ceramics from Ancient Town of Fo Shan, China. Fo Shan has long been known as "Ceramic City of Southern China". Especially one of the ceramic type that known as "Doll of Shi Wan”, has attracted interest of many antique collectors.

There are dozens of treasured work of art selling in Hyaku Sdn. Bhd. "Doll of Shi Wan" from China, Antique furniture, Fu Jian white ceramic, ceramic of Ming Guo, purple sand teapot of Yi Xing, woodcarving, jade of Evil spirits, kylin statue, copper ware, and etc.

High quality ceramic that made in Fo Shan of China, it is elegant, unique style, different kind of model provided like Buddha, Luo Han. It also posses Chinese hero of justice, like Lu Zhi Shen, Li Kui , Wu song, Guan Yun Zhang and etc; some of the ceramic state reflect the culture of ancients China’s famous poet like Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Xi Zhi, Shu Dong Po, Seven Sages of bamboo, and etc.

From ancients until now, across the future, rare and exquisite antiques are the dream of every antique collector.

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